Five ways to recruit a Candidate

Do you have a budget for recruitment process? Then it’s an advantage! However, you all know every time the scenario is not the similar.

The silver lining is, recruitment doesn’t require heavy pocket – staffing agency services are an option for many companies. Instead of developing entire recruitment department many companies prefer to approach recruitment firms for an ease. Companies find different ways to save cost.

Here are the tried and tested way to appoint super-duper employees without losing heavy bank balance:

  • Be creative with your compensation offers

Everything is not significantly based on money – especially hiring process. The millennials searching for job have other preferences than just getting a six figure salary. Attract them with benefits including mentoring opportunities, educational funding and other sort of stuff. The pivotal point knowing your potential and identifying their priorities.

  • Focus on Top Candidates

It will be time consuming to spend individual recruitment, the easiest way is to focus on the candidates that are the best for the vacant job. It will help you to cut the story to size and only interview the candidates that fit or closely fit the job. It will definitely make you to do a better decision for hiring.

  • Tell a Good brand Story

Whether it’s a staffing agency services responsible for your hiring or in-house. They must good story about your brand so that the perspective of your company imprints positive over the candidate.  This brand story can also be published through social media or advertisement compelling more and more candidates to apply for the job.

  • Use all the recruitment tools available

Apart from branding your company, social media recruitment tools can be used for hiring. These tools analyze analytics, matching and data processing functions that helps you to find genius mind for your office. Ultimately, you will see the data for yourself before making a final decision of calling the person for an interview or not. The best aspect of using this tool is to get them at cheap cost or even in free.

  • Handle interview with care

Here is the point comes. Only the staffing agency services have the expertise to hold the interview with care. Make sure that the candidate is comfortable, offer refreshment and introduce them the office. It gives a wonderful impression to the candidate.

If company gives you a respect, in return they owe an honest and respectful response from you. However, every company doesn’t have the capacity or expertise like staffing agency services have that’s why new recruiter avoid joining that company.

  • Make Quick Decision on Hiring

Big corporation go through different layers before getting candidate approved for the job. They hold multiple interviews starting from technical and ending to personal interview. However, the small companies should make quick decision as they are not big enough to take too much time. Secondly, they are not visible enough in their industry. This is how a company profile themselves and a lot of candidate try to apply in that company which gives quick response on hiring.

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